A category for courses created as question repositories for different types of questions. Only a C question repository exists at present (25 June 2016), but others can be added if there is a demand.

If you wish to have access to one of the repositories, please email richard.lobb@canterbury.ac.nz, including a brief explanation of why you require access, some evidence that you are a teacher and some form of email verification, such as a link to your home page on your institution's website.

A selection of quizzes and questions from the University of Canterbury Course ENCN305 Computer Programming and Stochastic Modelling, 2018.

A repository of C++ questions, set up for Lars Mehnen. To be made visible as soon as it contains some questions.

Thanks Lars :)

A course created just to provide a repository of Java language CodeRunner questions.

A course created just to provide a repository of C language CodeRunner questions.