Screen shots of CodeRunner questions in action

An empty CodeRunner question (Python3)

Unanswered Python3 sqr function

Bad answer (syntax error)

Syntax error in a Python3 program

Bad answer (wrong output)

Wrong answer to sqr question

Bad answer (runtime error)

Syntax error in a Python3 program

Right answer

Right answer to sqr question

C Function (hidden test case shown to teacher)

C function

pylint-checked question: bad answer

Java Class: teacher view (showing hidden test case)

Use of the Precheck capability

Screen dump of precheck in action

Easy template-grader example: right answer

Template grader output: right answer

Easy template-grade example: partially-right answer

Template grader output: partially right answer

Custom grader: right answer

Custom grader: wrong answer

Custom grader: syntax error

Before clicking "Show differences"

After clicking "Show differences"

Question authoring: the trivial Python3 sqr function

The top panel of the authoring form

The General panel of the question authoring form

The first test case

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