CodeRunner Documentation (V3.0.0)

2.1 Upgrading from an earlier version

IMPORTANT: this version of CodeRunner is incompatible with versions prior to 2.4.0. If you're attempting to upgrade from an earlier version, you should first upgrade to the most recent version 2 (checkout branch V2 in the repository).

If you are already running CodeRunner version 2.4.0 or later, you can upgrade simply by following the instructions in the next section.

Note that all existing questions in the system CR_PROTOTYPES category with names containing the string PROTOTYPE_ are deleted by the installer, which then re-loads them from the file


Hence if you have developed your own question prototypes and placed them in the system CR_PROTOTYPES category you must export them in Moodle XML format before upgrading. You can if you wish place that exported file in the 'db' directory with a name ending in _PROTOTYPES.xml; they will then be automatically loaded by the installer. Alternatively you can import them at your leisure later on using the usual question-bank import function in the web interface.