CodeRunner Documentation (V3.0.0)

4.1 An example question type

The C-function question type expects students to submit a C function, plus possible additional support functions, to some specification. For example, the question might ask "Write a C function with signature int sqr(int n) that returns the square of its parameter n". The author will then provide some test cases of the form

    printf("%d\n", sqr(-11));

and give the expected output from this test. There is no standard input for this question type. The per-test template wraps the student's submission and the test code into a single program like:

    #include <stdio.h>

    // --- Student's answer is inserted here ----

    int main()
        printf("%d\n", sqr(-11));
        return 0;

which is compiled and run for each test case. The output from the run is then compared with the specified expected output (121) and the test case is marked right or wrong accordingly.

That example ignores the use of the combinator template, which in the case of the built-in C function question type builds a program with multiple printf calls interleaved with printing of a special separator. The resulting output is then split back into individual test case results using the separator string as a splitter.