CodeRunner Documentation (V3.1.0)

2.5 Sandbox Configuration

Although CodeRunner has a flexible architecture that supports various different ways of running student task in a protected ("sandboxed") environment, only one sandbox - the Jobe sandbox - is supported by the current version. This sandbox makes use of a separate server, developed specifically for use by CodeRunner, called Jobe. As explained at the end of the section on installing CodeRunner from scratch, the initial configuration uses the Jobe server at the University of Canterbury. This is not suitable for production use. Please switch to using your own Jobe server as soon as possible.

To build a Jobe server, follow the instructions at Then use the Moodle administrator interface for the CodeRunner plug-in to specify the Jobe host name and perhaps port number. Depending on how you've chosen to configure your Jobe server, you may also need to supply an API-Key through the same interface.

If you intend running unit tests you will also need to copy the file tests/fixtures/test-sandbox-config-dist.php to 'tests/fixtures/test-sandbox-config.php', then edit it to set the correct host and any other necessary configuration for the Jobe server.

Assuming you have built Jobe on a separate server, the JobeSandbox fully isolates student code from the Moodle server. However, Jobe can be installed on the Moodle server itself, rather than on a completely different machine. This works fine, but is much less secure than running Jobe on a completely separate machine. If a student program manages to break out of the sandbox when it's running on a separate machine, the worst it can do is bring the sandbox server down, whereas a security breach on the Moodle server could be used to hack into the Moodle database, which contains student run results and marks. That said, our Computer Science department used an earlier even less secure Sandbox for some years without any ill effects. Moodle keeps extensive logs of all activities, so a student deliberately breaching security is taking a huge risk.