CodeRunner Documentation (V3.2.1)

13 Administrator scripts

There are currently two scripts available to bulk test CodeRunner questions and to summarise the usage of all prototype questions (i.e. CodeRunner question types). While initially intended only for administrator use, they are proving useful to teachers as well. Teachers are able to run the scripts only within courses they can normally access; they must be logged into such a course before attempting to run the scripts.

The two scripts are:

  1. /question/type/coderunner/bulktestindex.php This script displays a list of all question categories accessible to the user who is currently logged into Moodle on the machine running the script. Each category is displayed as a clickable link that then runs a script that tests the sample answers on all questions in that category, reporting all successes and failures.

  2. /question/type/coderunner/prototypeusageindex.php This scripts displays an index like the one above except that the clickable links now run a script that reports on the question prototype usage within that category. questions in the runs the sample answer on all questions in a specif