CodeRunner Documentation (V3.3.0)

2.2 Upgrading from CodeRunner versions between 2.4 and 3.0

Upgrading to version 3.1 from version 2.4 through 3.0 should generally be straightforward though, as usual, you should make a database backup before upgrading. To upgrade, simply install the latest code and login to the web interface as an administrator. When Moodle detects the changed version number it will run upgrade code that updates all questions to the latest format.

However, if you have written your own question types you should be aware that all existing questions in the system CR_PROTOTYPES category with names containing the string PROTOTYPE_ are deleted by the installer/upgrader. The installer then re-loads them from the file


Hence if you have developed your own question prototypes and placed them in the system CR_PROTOTYPES category (not recommended) you must export them in Moodle XML format before upgrading. You can then re-import them after the upgrade is complete using the usual question-bank import function in the web interface. However, it is strongly recommended that you do not put your own question prototypes in the CR_PROTOTYPES category but create a new category for your own use.

Note for enthusiasts only.

Versions from 3.1 onwards no-longer allows a question to have both a per-test template and a combinator template: questions must have one or the other. In upgrading from Version 3.0 and earlier, the combinator template is used if "Enable combinator" was set or a combinator template grader is being used, otherwise the per-test template is used. This should not change the behaviour of the question provided the two templates are consistent in the sense that running any test in the per-test template yields exactly the same result as running that same test all by itself in the combinator template.