CodeRunner Documentation (V3.3.0)

11 User-interface selection

For normal programming questions, the Ace editor is used both for author editing of the templates and for the student answer. Ace provides syntax colouring, bracket matching, auto indent and many other programmer-oriented capabilities to make editing of the underlying pure text more user-friendly.

Sometimes question authors ask questions in which the answer is not in fact program code. For example, it might be a textual representation of an FSM (finite state machine). In such questions the Ace editor is often not appropriate. Prior to version 3.3, authors could turn off the Ace editor by unchecking a Use Ace checkbox, but this disabled it both for student answers and for the author's template.

Since version 3.3.0, CodeRunner now supports pluggable user interfaces, although an administrator has to install the plugin. The two user interfaces currently built in to CodeRunner are Ace and Graph. The question author selects the required user interface via a dropdown menu in the customisation section of the question author form. The selection controls editing of the sample answer and answer preload fields of the authoring form and the student's answer in the live quiz. The Ace editor is always used for editing the template itself, unless turned off with the Template uses ace checkbox in the authoring form.