Answer not showing when I edit

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by Richard Lobb -
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This looks like a browser issue, though I've never seen this particular symptom.

Here are some questions/things-to-try:
  1. Does the problem occur with other browsers (e.g. Edge, Chrome)?
  2. Does the problem occur in Chrome if you open an incognito window? If so, you probably have a bad extension installed, or some weird cookie or cache issue. [I assume you've at least closed all your browser windows and rebooted, by the way.]
  3. If you open the browser developer panel (type SHIFT + CTRL + I) and select the Console tab, do you see any error message when you load the editing page and start editing?
  4. You say the problem is new. Do you mean you've been using CodeRunner fine up until now? If so, what might have changed (browser or OS upgrades, Moodle upgrade, etc)?
  5. You say the problem occurs during editing. So is the Ace editor (which is the code editor you're using when editing questions) working OK when you preview questions?

As a temporary emergency work-around, if you type CTRL + ALT + M you will turn off the Ace editor and be presented with a standard HTML Text Area. This should work (inelegantly).


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Re: Answer not showing when I edit

by Ela Pustulka -
Dear Richard
thanks. I assume this is to do with our Moodle upgrade or some other technical quirk.
CTRL+ALT+M Solves it, thanks!!!! (I also teach DB so my attention is split and fragmentary).
Best wishes