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Implement Blockly in Coderunner?

Re: Implement Blockly in Coderunner?

by Richard Lobb -
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Hi Sergi

Certainly I don't have time to do this myself, at least not until the end of the year. And I wouldn't want to make it an integral part of CodeRunner as I feel it's not really where CodeRunner is targetted. But I think it would be a fun extra plugin to have available via

The user-level documentation of the UIs is here. The JavaScript for the existing plugins is in the amd/src folder, with the compressed versions in amd/build. All code has to conform to Moodle amd module standards. Converting existing code to that standard can be anywhere between very difficult and relatively easy, depending on how it's written. The API for my CodeRunner UI plugins is documented in the module userinterfacewrapper.js.

Have fun!