Jobe server with Nginx

Re: Jobe server with Nginx

by Richard Lobb -
Number of replies: 0 sends http requests to jobe on port 80, using the variable JOBE_SERVER as the jobe host name. If nginx (or whatever web server you're using) isn't configured correctly on the Jobe host, the http requests will fail. So if you copy to another machine (e.g. your moodle server), change JOBE_SERVER to the Jobe host name, and run, you're testing the full Jobe functionality.

A simple initial sanity test is to point a web browser at the url


You should get back a JSON response like

This won't work if API key security is turned on but that's not usually appropriate anyway.

Make sure before trying any of the above that the Jobe firewall is off, or at least is allowing connections from whatever machine you testing from.