Modifying the question editor for graph questions

Re: Modifying the question editor for graph questions

by Willem Sonke -
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Hi Richard,

Thank you for your extensive answer!

After some careful consideration we have decided to choose the second option and fork CodeRunner to give a clean setup for GraphChecker, while being able to build on the great setup CodeRunner offers. Our project is slowly taking shape and by now we have a preliminary alpha version that is giving us the behavior we hoped to achieve. Hopefully within reasonable time we will be able to publish a initial version. At the moment we are in the process of ensuring that CodeRunner and GraphChecker can run successfully next to each other. So far everything is going fine, however we ran into one issue.

After changing the name of the plugin, we noticed that qbehaviour_adaptive_adapted_for_coderunner refuses to run for any questions that are not CodeRunner questions (see here). We were wondering if you would be willing to update qbehaviour_adaptive_adapted_for_coderunner, so that it also accepts GraphChecker questions. (An alternative would be to make a separate qbehaviour_adaptive_adapted_for_graphchecker, but that seems redundant.)

Alternatively, we found a topic where you mention that you would like for CodeRunner to do the caching in the same way that the STACK question type does it, so that maybe the qbehaviour_adaptive_adapted_for_coderunner would not be necessary at all anymore. Would you think it makes sense for us to look into this approach as well?

Kind regards, Arthur and Willem