Unauthorised to use sandbox if "support file" attached

Unauthorised to use sandbox if "support file" attached

por Nico Willert -
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currently at my our departement, we are planning on using coderunner in the next winter term to help our students to learn C++. 

Since we wanted to develope us a few tools(library) to analyse our students code directly from inside C++ code, we wanted to import these files into coderunner via the field "Support files"

The Problem is that the sandbox seems to not allow me to use support files. (Picture attached)

I just wanted to test if i can use an support file and then include it in the coderunner c++ template, since it is just an header and the code does not need to be compiled, i thought it should work. 

Did I miss something? Is there some place i need to declare that this file is ok?

The Support file section declared, that it just copies the file to the directory and i could use it. 

I do think, that based on the error message, that the Jobe Server is missing some settings to allow posting support files, but i could be wrong. 

Posting here, since i am only using moodle and coderunner from the frontend, i do not have direct access to the server. The computing center at my university does currently not know what could be wrong. 

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Re: Unauthorised to use sandbox if "support file" attached

por Richard Lobb -
That error is issued if an HTTP request to the Jobe server gets a 403 Forbidden response. If it only occurs when you have file attachments, it's probably being returned only on HTTP PUT requests, which are used to upload files to Jobe. I'd suspect a firewall is configured to allow GETs and POSTs on port 80 to Jobe but not PUTs. The firewall may be on the Moodle server itself or somewhere between the Moodle server and the Jobe server.