Screen shots of CodeRunner questions in action

An empty CodeRunner question (Python3)

Unanswered Python3 sqr function

Bad answer (syntax error)

Syntax error in a Python3 program

Bad answer (wrong output)

Wrong answer to sqr question

Bad answer (runtime error)

Syntax error in a Python3 program

Right answer

Right answer to sqr question

C Function (hidden test case shown to teacher)

C function

pylint-checked question: bad answer

Java Class: teacher view (showing hidden test case)

Use of the Precheck capability

Screen dump of precheck in action

Easy template-grader example: right answer

Template grader output: right answer

Easy template-grade example: partially-right answer

Template grader output: partially right answer

Custom grader: right answer

Custom grader: wrong answer

Custom grader: syntax error

Before clicking "Show differences"

After clicking "Show differences"

Question authoring: the trivial Python3 sqr function

The top panel of the authoring form

The General panel of the question authoring form

The first test case

The Graph UI in action

DFA question using Graph UI

The Gap-filler UI in action

A screenshot of an Ace-gapfiller UI question

The scratchpad UI in action

(a) Before being opened by the student

Scratchpad UI prior to opening scratchpad

(b) After being opened and used for a simple test

Screenshot of scratchpad UI in use

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