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New feature suggestion: 'Reset' button

New feature suggestion: 'Reset' button

by Chris Nelson -
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Hi Richard,

I've received feedback from a couple of students who are provided with some starter code in a CodeRunner question (we're on v3.2), either to build on or fix. They are clearly enjoying the question type (so thanks very much for designing it :-) ), but have suggested that a Reset button would be very useful. 

They would like to be able to revert the 'workspace' area to as it was originally, before they started tinkering. The 'Reset' button would need to have a confirmation message to ensure no accidental resets:

"This will reset the question to how it was originally. Are you sure you want to continue?
Yes          No"

In their case, I assume that they've started editing the starter code, significantly messed up (or the cat has walked over the keyboard), and then found it more difficult to complete the task.

Hope that's useful feedback.

Thanks again,

Chris Nelson

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Re: New feature suggestion: 'Reset' button

by can oz -

Doesn't it work to refresh the page ?

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Re: New feature suggestion: 'Reset' button

by Richard Lobb -

Hi Chris (and Oz)

Sorry for the delay in replying - it's been a busy week.

Thanks for the suggestion. Indeed a reset button has been requested by a couple of other users, too. [And to clarify for Oz - Chris is worried about students who mess up the original code preloaded into the answer box, submit it, then realise they've screwed up and want to start over. So at this point a page reload doesn't help.]

I've been mulling it over for a bit and I think I can do it all in JavaScript if I keep the answer-box preload as hidden text in the page. That's much easier than modifying the question renderer and the behaviour plugin to handle a new button. The reset button would only be present if there was preload text (which we rarely use here, which is why it hasn't been a priority).

Thanks for reminding me about it. It's now on my todo list but mightn't happen for a while - I'm busy teaching multiple courses at present.


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Re: New feature suggestion: 'Reset' button

by Chris Nelson -

Thanks Richard.

No worries. Always nice to receive positive feedback and sensible improvement suggestions from our students and I thought worthwhile to pass it on :-)

All the best,