Announcing CodeRunner version 3.5.3

Announcing CodeRunner version 3.5.3

by Richard Lobb -
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Announcing CodeRunner Version 3.5.3

CodeRunner version 3.5.3 is now available on github. Changes since Version 3.5.0 are as below. The most important bug fix is for users running Moodle 3.5, who might have been getting error messages of the form mdb->get_record() found more than one record! in their error logs or even on screen if the debugging level was sufficiently high. Even if you haven't been seeing those messages, if you're running Moodle 3.5 you should still install this update to correct the misconfigured system level question categories caused by the previous version.

Note for JavaScript users: the name of the built-in nodejs question type was inadvertently changed to nodejs-1 a year or two ago; this update restores it to its original name. If you are using nodejs-1 questions you will either need to change them to use nodejs or you will need to preserve the old question type, e.g. by copying the nodejs-1 question type out of the system CR_PROTOTYPES category before performing the upgrade.

Other bug fixes and minor enhancements are as below; there is no need to upgrade if you're running Moodle 3.4 or earlier and have not been troubled by the minor issues.

29 October 2018. 3.5.3
  • Bug fix: installing CodeRunner on Moodle 3.5 with error debug messages enabled resulted in messages "Error: mdb->get_record() found more than one record!" when browsing the question bank. Alternatively, if CodeRunner was installed on a freshly built Moodle 3.5, the CR_PROTOTYPES category became a proxy for the Top category in the system category and its name was hidden.
18 October 2018. 3.5.2+
  • Fix broken PHP question type and add test cases for it.
  • Fix GraphUI plugin to prevent new arcs from exactly overlying old ones
  • Bug fix: nodejs question type not working with strict mode. Also, renamed question type from nodejs-2 to just nodejs (as it used to be).
  • Add trivial nodejs question sample to samples folder.
  • Add the UOC Python3 tkinter question type to the samples folder.
  • Improve error message when duplicate question prototypes are found.
  • Bug fix: behat export test not working with latest Moodle versions (Thanks Tim Hunt).
14 August 2018. 3.5.1
  • Fix error in Privacy Provider (failing with PHP versions 7.x).Thanks to Sam Marshall.