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Partial Marks

Partial Marks

by Angus Wallace -
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Hello all,

I have been creating questions with a custom template to compile, run, and test C programs.

I want there to be a range of marks that become progressively more difficult, and I want students to be able to get partial marks. I can't see anywhere how to do this -- I am wondering if I need to do it a different way when using a custom template?

I've attached the template below.

Thanks, Angus

""" The template for a question type that compiles and runs a student-submitted
    C program.

import subprocess, sys

# Write the student code to a file prog.c
student_answer = """{{ STUDENT_ANSWER | e('py') }}"""
test_argument = """{{ TEST.stdin | e('py') }}"""
with open("cakeSlice.c", "w") as src:
    print(student_answer, file=src)

# Compile
{% if QUESTION.parameters.cflags is defined %}
cflags = """{{ QUESTION.parameters.cflags | e('py') }}"""
{% else %}
cflags = "-std=c99 -Wall -Werror"
{% endif %}
return_code ="gcc {0} -o cakeSlice cakeSlice.c".format(cflags).split())
if return_code != 0:
    print("** Compilation failed. Testing aborted **", file=sys.stderr)

# If compile succeeded, run the code. Since this is a per-test template,
# stdin is already set up for the stdin text specified in the test case,
# so we can run the compiled program directly.
if return_code == 0:
    bash_command = """{{ TEST.testcode | e('py') }}"""
        output = subprocess.check_output(bash_command, shell=True, universal_newlines=True)
    except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
        if e.returncode > 0:
            # Ignore non-zero positive return codes
            if e.output:
            # But negative return codes are signals - abort
            if e.output:
                print(e.output, file=sys.stderr)
            if e.returncode < 0:
                print("Task failed with signal", -e.returncode, file=sys.stderr)
            print("** Further testing aborted **", file=sys.stderr)
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Re: Partial Marks

by Richard Lobb -

If you want your template to do the grading as well, you need to use a template grader. See here.