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Octave Statistics not loading

Re: Octave Statistics not loading

by Rea Sutter -
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Hi Richard,

I'm working with Christoph to solve that statistics problem.

Your hint about removing --norc was one part of the solution, and an important one. Let me detail here how I got statistics to load automatically in CodeRunner, just in case someone else is looking for this:

  • in the file octave_task.php (in /var/www/html/jobe/applications/libraries/), remove both instances of --norc. It is used in lines 19 and 27.
  • in /etc/octave.conf add the line
    pkg ("load", "statistics"); just before atexit ("__finish__"); (this is the file that is linked from .octaverc)
  • Now statistics loads, but the following warning is shown (which is why answers evaluate as wrong): function /usr/share/octave/packages/statistics-1.4.0/distributions/binopdf.m shadows a core library function
    to get rid of this warning, I renamed the file binopdf.m at the given path to binopdf1.m
I will do some more research to find out whether it makes any difference which of the functions is disabled - the one in core or the one in the statistics package. But it's finally working now! :-)

Are you sure, Richard, that removing the --norc is safe?

Anyway, thank you for your help!