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by Richard Lobb -
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That's odd. I did actually play a bit with this a bit a month ago and (I thought) posted a reply. But I see it never made it this far - I must have failed to submit :-(

AFAIR all I said was:

  • Man, Tavis is a frustrating brute to work with!
  • You should probably ignore the pylint errors, or at least move them to the very bottom of the priority list.
  • The C error "gcc: error trying to exec 'cc1': execvp: No such file or directory" is a show stopper. cc1 is, I think, just one of the phases of the C compiler, so must be present. This presumably is a PATH environment variable problem. My best guess is that the problem occurs because the runguard sandbox within Jobe cleans the environment variable for improved security (see lines 530 - 534 in runguard.c). So I'd suggest you might want disable that cleaning and see if the problem goes away.