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VHDL questions prototype

VHDL questions prototype

de Clément Leboulenger -
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My professors and I wanted to add a VHDL support for coderunner. Therefore, I created a template for VHDL questions. It uses python and ghdl-gcc to compile and to execute the student answer and the teacher's test bench.

You need to install ghdl-gcc on the server running Jobe. You can also use ghdl-llvm or ghdl (mcode) by changing the template (you will also need to change the command if you want to use the mcode version).

You only need to import the attached file in your question bank in order to have access to VHDL questions.

The test code is encapsulated in an architecture of an entity named test_bench, so you only have to put the inside of your architecture in the field Test case 1. It is recommended to provide a correct answer to see if the expected output is correct.

I hope this will be useful for some teachers!