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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
Weird problem with the Unit tests 2 Tim Hunt
"python3_sandbox" error 7 Richard Lobb
Combinator Graders and the Show Differences button 2 Richard Lobb
Help with CodeRunner 1 Richard Lobb
Propositions for CodeRunner plugin 3 Richard Lobb
Print to server stdout/stderr from inside question template 1 Richard Lobb
"QUESTION.stepinfo" object is null 6 Julian Kreiser
Multilanguage questions 0 Fatih Gelgi
Large test data / "support files" field 2 Fatih Gelgi
Feature suggestion: add hints, and show model answer after X tries 5 Fatih Gelgi
Grade HTML 9 Richard Lobb
Installation and Pylint error 2 Jon Witts
HTTP Error 2 Matt Elliot
Purpose os __student_answer__ in Python3 templates 2 Antonio Gortan
Global Extra in Template 11 M. César Rodríguez
Matplotlib 1 Andreas Siebel
GraphChecker 2 Willem Sonke
Parallel submissions failed test 3 Richard Lobb
Feature suggestion: 'Reset question' button? 8 Richard Lobb
UI blockly plugin 6 Richard Lobb
Ungraded CR question still has penalty regime 7 Chris Nelson
Sign in Issue 0 Aravind Aravind
About font size 1 Richard Lobb
Coderunner is disabled Moodle 3.9.1 1 Rushe Yasin
Problem with instalation Jobe 1 Al Spay
When reviewing an exam, HTML questions do not show the solution 2 M. César Rodríguez
Running dotnet cli on jobe 1 Richard Lobb
Python turtle test 2 Marta Rutkowska
Ability to preload a user provided TWIG template 1 Richard Lobb
new UI javascript file not picked up 3 René van Paassen
Problem with Jobe Server 4 Richard Lobb
strdup not in string.h? 2 Emmanuel Lazard
PHP Deprecation Error 2 Michael Lim
CodeRunner installation 2 Preeti Thorat
reading course id in coderunner 2 Rea Sutter
Modifying the question editor for graph questions 2 Willem Sonke
Suggestion: rename "Question type" field for protoypes 2 Stefan Mueller
change or extend ace editor 1 Richard Lobb
maybe error in documentation section 9.1 3 Jim Newton
(maybe) error in documentation 3 Jim Newton
how to access attached files 2 Jim Newton
new-lines in json output 2 Jim Newton
question about unclear documentation 0 Jim Newton
question about section 8.1 4 Jim Newton
requesting clarification in documentation of Twig Escapers 0 Jim Newton
documentation mentions question authoring form without saying what that is 0 Jim Newton
Ace editor loading issues 5 stefan weber
jobe server output limit 1 Mikhail Partanskiy
Add custom python libs to docker jobeserver 3 Richard Lobb
Octave Statistics not loading 2 Rea Sutter
help!!! jobe server cannot run: cannot start `sh': Resource temporarily unavailable 7 Zonggen Zeng
Apache Error - sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo 9 Richard Lobb
Disk Quotas for Jobe Users 1 Richard Lobb
Default java encoding 4 Richard Lobb
Jobe server execution error 2 Richard Lobb
Methods, returning Lists in Code Runner: how the test line should look like? 6 Alina Torbunova
Integrate Maple with Coderunner 2 James Skevington
Jobe Server on a Raspberry Pi 6 Michael Backus
Code Runner for quizes in Java: methods, that return array 2 Alina Torbunova
JOBE Server install probs 10 Arpad Magosanyi
preparation SQL queries 3 Richard Lobb
Quiz Results - what's available for download 3 Anton Dil
Customisation of GraphUI 1 Richard Lobb
missing SQL Prototype 4 firat batmaz
Partial Marks 1 Richard Lobb
"Mark must be greater than zero" 2 Ricardo Cruz
Suggestion for a penalty regime improvement 2 Chris Nelson
test cases direction problem 0 miki dream
Random numbers (list) for each student 2 miki dream
OpenSCAD 1 Richard Lobb
Announcing CodeRunner version 3.5.3 0 Richard Lobb
Running Pandas (Python3) with Jobe 2 Joel Raucq
SQL exercise error 1 Richard Lobb
Java Recursion solution returns 403 error 6 Jeffrey Wong
Unable to precheck/check code in coderunner 1 Richard Lobb
Syntax error with all python code 2 Simon king
C# with pylint for cunstruct checking 1 Richard Lobb
PRECHECK not working? 3 Richard Lobb
Jobe server with Nginx 3 Richard Lobb
Error while executing java based questions: timelimit exceeded 4 Tim Hunt
Implement Blockly in Coderunner? 3 Richard Lobb
Student specified test cases. 2 Chris Sangwin
Error while executing Coderunner bulk testing in moodle 3 Richard Lobb
jobe server not working 2 Richard Lobb
Resubmission function 5 Frieder Loch
jobe not compatible with php 7.2? 3 Richard Lobb
Octave graphics 1 Richard Lobb
Extend to VHDL 0 Luca Bösch
New feature suggestion: 'Reset' button 3 Chris Nelson
Work with Assembly ? 0 can oz
testing JOBE installation gives 35 passed, 1 failed 7 Martin Zwerschke
Adding to Twig Question Variable 4 Richard Lobb
Setting up numpy on a local jobe server 12 David Marsh
Need Help/Advice 10 Richard Lobb
hardware specs for JOBE sandbox server 2 stefan weber
Use urrlib in python template 7 David Bowes
Need sample PHP programs 0 Sayee Krishnan
PHP in coderunner 0 Sayee Krishnan
Travis CI 3 Richard Lobb
JOBE sandbox using an old version of CodeIngiter 1 Richard Lobb