JobeInABox + Kubernetes?

Re: JobeInABox + Kubernetes?

by Antti Karttunen -
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Dear Richard,

Thank you so much for all the help and ideas! I fully agree that in-memory-caching within the containers could very likely result in the issues we are encountering. Two weeks ago, we tried reducing the number of containers to one to see if this would solve our problems, but still the same issue persisted. We will now follow your advice and make our load-balancer aware of the X-CodeRunner-Job-Id header, to make sure that all steps in a test run are executed within the same container.

I will report our findings back to this thread. It was also great to hear that in the latest CodeRunner version there is the possibility to have simple load-balancing/redundancy just by listing several Jobe servers in the settings!

Best wishes,