Coderunner as an Assignment Submission plugin?

Coderunner as an Assignment Submission plugin?

by Ken Arnold -
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I've started exploring Coderunner, and it works great with quizzes. But often I want assignment semantics, not quiz semantics. For example, allowing late submissions is trivial with Assignments but cumbersome for Quizzes. And Assignments send messages when feedback is available.

Ideally there'd be a way to just make Quizzes have Assignment-type semantics. But that seems hard. Slightly easier but still probably hard: making an Assignment Submission plugin that can host several Quiz questions. (This would be nice in general, for letting students answer each part of a multi-part assignment individually, for example.) Maybe easier than that, but less useful, would be an Assignment Submission plugin that only hosts coderunner.

Related work:

  • SnapInMoodle is the closest example.
  • VPL makes its own Activity type (overkill?)
Has anyone explored this?
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Re: Coderunner as an Assignment Submission plugin?

by Richard Lobb -
Thanks for the suggestion, Ken. We use quizzes as learning modules, assignments tests and exams. I agree that quizzes aren't the perfect vehicle for assignments - we've often wanted a better way to handle late submissions, too - but we get by OK, and having the same environment for all the course activities is a big plus. So while I like the idea of having an assignment plugin that hosts multiple quiz questions, it's not a project I would want to get involved in myself.

Do you know about Open University's 'embed questions' plugin set, that lets you embed questions anywhere? Presumably you could embed questions in the assignment specification and the Embedded questions progress filter records students attempts so they could be marked. It might perhaps be possible to add another plugin to the set to (somehow) convert all the attempts on questions into an assignment submission (though I know very little about either the embed questions plugin set or the assignment module, so this might be infeasible).