Coderunner not working in Moodle-App (iOS, Mac OS,...)

Re: Coderunner not working in Moodle-App (iOS, Mac OS,...)

by Richard Lobb -
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Sorry, but I don't think you'll be seeing CodeRunner available in the Moodle app any time soon. Although most question types can be supported OK in the Moodle App without too many problems, CodeRunner is not like most question types. It has a lot of JavaScript, all of which would need to be rewritten from scratch (no support for AMD modules, no jQuery, different DOM structure). It's also not clear whether we'd even be able to support the Ace editor. Lastly, CodeRunner doesn't work well on a cell-phone screen anyway - it's just too narrow for the result table. Reformatting all the output for a narrow screen is yet another thing we're in no hurry to implement.