coderunner and jobe version

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by Richard Lobb -
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The jobe server is the same for both versions, so that's not the cause.

A common issue with Moodle 4 (and hence CodeRunner V5) is with the HTTP security settings (under Site administration > General > Security > HTTP security). Try clearing the field to empty and making sure port 80 is available as an outgoing port.

If it does solve the problem, check the default list of blocked IPs to find the one that's causing you issues.

Post back if that doesn't solve the problem. Include information about your jobe server - where it's located and whether it's containerised or not. Note that if it's containerised, the Jobe server name has to be a valid URL name (for example, it can't have underscores in it).

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Re: coderunner and jobe version

by Hongchuan Liu -
The problem has been resolved, which is the issue with security settings. Thank you!