calling JOBE server by Https-link

calling JOBE server by Https-link

by Thor Pfosten -
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Hi all,

as we want to use a JOBE-Server on a remote Plattform,

I’d like to use an https-link rather than a http-link for the JOBE.

Up to now it’s self-signed. 

However Moodle throws an error message. If the Moodle-plattform

starts a request to the JOBE-Server, i.e. somebody has put in an

"answer code" on the moodle-webinterface and clicks „ok“, the error

message is similar like:

Debug info: 

Error code: errorprocessingresponses

Stack trace:

  • line 481 of /lib/setuplib.php: moodle_exception thrown
  • line 206 of /question/preview.php: call to print_error()


Can you get me started on how to use an Https-link ?

Any Infos, howtos etc would be great! Maybe somebody has a trick that

provides an https-link  … Port forwarding?


Thx !