SQL and CodeRunner

SQL and CodeRunner

by Trent Lewis -
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I just wanted to publicly thank Richard for your help with getting SQL and CodeRunner working.  I have been using it in a topic this semester and it has been working flawlessly.  

Having SQLite running on the jobeserver and using the question language as python3, but the ACE language as SQL, has made getting this working a our production Moodle server a breeze (in fact it required no modification as SQLite was already installed).  The other "trick" was to add an SQLite database file as a Support File to that the question had a database to work with.



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Re: SQL and CodeRunner

by Constantine Zakkaroff -
Hi Trent, ALL,

I too have been using CodeRunner for SQL questions for a couple courses and I'm thoroughly impressed and delighted by the functionality and the support for learning outcomes.

The students in my class have been hammering the practice tests (no marks!) and the only problem I have is the limited time for writing good/interesting/meaningful questions.

The levels of enthusiasm in the classes shows in the number of attempts for practice tests and the number of discussions on the Class Forums.

Thank you very much to Richard and to everyone who developed and contributed to CodeRunner!

Kind regards,