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Customisation of GraphUI

Customisation of GraphUI

by firat batmaz -
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Dear All, 

FSM examples which use GraphUI, is very impressive. I would like to use the GraphUI to make students to draw basic Entity-Relationship diagrams. I think I can write an auto grader for the simple student ER diagrams. 

My question is : 

Is it possible to customise the GraphUI so that it can draw a rectangle shape instead of a circle shape ? Does it support "dot" language- Graphviz ?       



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Re: Customisation of GraphUI

by Richard Lobb -

I don't think extending the existing plugin to handle ER-diagrams is the way to go here. The plugin was specifically designed for FSM diagrams only and lacks the abstractions that you would want for more general diagrams, such as node types, connector types, connector label types and so on. You would need to start afresh (perhaps using an existing JavaScript general purpose diagramming tool as a starting point) and write a new UI plugin.