Quiz Results - what's available for download

Quiz Results - what's available for download

by Anton Dil -
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I'm wondering if it's possible to extend the information available for download from Moodle's quiz admin block.

The most detailed information is from the Responses option, including fields for State, Started on, Completed and Time taken, as well as a Feedback field.

My understanding of what I'm seeing is that State is only recorded for the last entry for each user, and is limited to 'Finished' and 'In Progress'. I'm not entirely sure now what they represent relative to the 'Check',  'Finish Attempt' and 'Submit all and Finish' buttons (and Precheck).

Would it make more sense for each State to record something? And could that correspond more closely to the labels on the buttons available?

The Feedback field seems to be limited to output we generate after the Finished state is reached, and it would be useful if we could get more information about what happened when students pressed PreCheck or Check. A large proportion of our students don't get to the Finished state for one reason or another. (We have not been allowed to set to Auto-submit, in which case I think they all go to Finished.)

If we could see a compilation error code if their code didn't compile on Pre/Check we could tell a lot about what kinds of errors they are making, and what they are doing to try to fix those errors from one Check to the next.

Related to that, the Completed (sounds like a boolean, but isn't) field only seems to be filled in if the student finishes the attempt, so we have no idea how long students spent inbetween Checks. I've seen some students make dozens of attempts and again I wonder what they are doing.

I'm just trying to understand better how students are approaching these questions, and in what ways they are failing to make progress or getting them wrong and hoping that the data we can download could support that better.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Quiz Results - what's available for download

by Tim Hunt -

In the quiz grades report (URL like .../mod/quiz/report.php?mode=overview&...) then the state, and the started/completed only relates to the whole quiz attempt.

In the responses report (URL like .../mod/quiz/report.php?mode=responses&...) there is an option 'Which tries' where you can select 'All tries'. However, as you say, that only gives the responses, not the timing.

If you click through to an individual student's attemp from either report, there is a 'Response history' shown under each question which gives all the details, but that is not easily downloadable.

All the low-level data can be extracted from the database using this query: https://docs.moodle.org/dev/Overview_of_the_Moodle_question_engine#Detailed_data_about_an_attempt, but that requires direct access to the database.

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Re: Quiz Results - what's available for download

by Richard Lobb -

We often want more detailed information than is available from standard Moodle facilities too. So CodeRunner includes a downloadquizattempts.php script (see here) that lets you download a spreadsheet containing every single Precheck and Check submission to a selected quiz by all users. Python classes are available to help analyse the data, too. See the documentation.

This script can be run by any teacher after they've logged in, and gives them access to all quiz submissions in the courses they teach.

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Re: Quiz Results - what's available for download

by Anton Dil -

Thank you both for your responses - I might need to talk to Tim further about how to access the data I'm looking for, if it's available.