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Running dotnet cli on jobe

Running dotnet cli on jobe

by Tim Rossiter -
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I have a working jobe server and CodeRunner installation. All the default language questions work well in Moodle. I have successfully created and run the c++ via python example question.  I have also created several other "questions" via python templates that work as expected.

My goal is to implement dotnet CLI questions. I have the dotnet core runtime and sdk installed and working. 

I am currently running into timeout issues when I try to execute any dotnet command via a Moodle question. 

Please note I have increased the jobe servers CPU timeout limit to 600 seconds which is far beyond reasonable for production use.

When the moodle question is submitted I can see the process start and run on the server but it seems to be hung. I can run the same python code manually on the server and it runs fine and completes with all the expected output. below is an example of what should be a nearly instant completion returning only the help or usage information for the command.

Running this on the server directly even as the jobe00 user works fine either from the terminal or via a python script identical to the CodeRunner question template.

I'm still investigating what might be special about the dotnet CLI tools but in the meanwhile, I was wondering if the sandbox execution may be limiting access to the dotnet sdk and/or runtime resources.  It may be a simple setting.

Any insight would be appreciated,

Tim R

Idaho State University

P.S.  compiling and running visual basic code on a Linux system makes me giggle.

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Re: Running dotnet cli on jobe

by Richard Lobb -

The most common problem when running other languages via Python is running out of memory. Have you tried setting the memory limit in the question on Moodle to 0? That turns off the memory limit. If that solves the problem you can then explore to find a reasonable limit (e.g. twice the minimum required to get a trivial job to run). There's a screen shot showing how to set the memory limit in this thread.

The next most common resource issue is the number of processes. The above link shows how to increase the number of processes.

If neither of those solves the problem, post back and I'll give more debugging tips.