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Accessibility of CodeRunner

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Accessibility of CodeRunner
by Tim Hunt - Tuesday, 8 November 2016, 6:05 AM

Does anyone have experience of using CodeRunner with disabled students?

We have just started working towards using CodeRunner at the Open University (UK). Accessibility is something we care about a lot, and our initial impression is that CodeRunner gets most things right. It seems to follow the relevant good practice for making things on the web accessible. (At the moment, that is just my observation. We will get one of our accessibiliity experts to review the question type in due course.)

The only real problem is the ACE code editor. It's lack of accessibility seems to be a known issue: I just make a specific suggestion there for one way to try to get round that: (I don't think I would call my proposal a solution, but I hope it is a not-too-ugly work-around.)

If anyone has any comments on that, i would be pleased to hear them. Thank you.