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About jobe server install

About jobe server install

by Laurent Berger -
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Hi every one,

I have installed moodle and coderunner plugin on a cloud service. Now I have this warning :

Run using the University of Canterbury's Jobe server. This is for initial testing only. Please set up your own Jobe server as soon as possible. See here

I want to install jobe on same cloud service. I'm not admin on this cloud service.
I clone jobe and run install but I have got this message :
WARNING: Jobe appears not to have been installed in /var/www
or /var/www/html as expected. Things might turn ugly.
****This script must be run by root*****
Install failed

My home directory is /home/my account/ and I cannot install any application elsewhere.
Is it possible to install jobe on a such configuration?
If it's not possible the only way is it digitalocean cloud service (example)?

Thanks in advance,

L. berger
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Re: About jobe server install

by Richard Lobb -

You really do need to be root to install Jobe. It needs to install all the required languages and, when jobs are submitted, needs to be able to change the ownership of submitted tasks to one of the jobe users. Remember that by installing Jobe you're potentially giving users who have access to the port on which Jobe is listening the ability to run any program in just about any language on that server - not a responsibility to be taken too lightly!

jobeinabox supplies the required services via a Docker container but usually only administrators can start that up, too. 

So, yes, I recommend you use a cloud service like digitalocean.