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by Richard Lobb -
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Sorry about the delay in replying Paul - the last two weeks of the semester are too busy for CodeRunner to get a look in.

I myself have no immediate interest in implementing selectors and distractors - in our environment (first year engineering and computer science tertiary course) Parsons Problems have only a very minor role to play and making them more sophisticated isn't a priority. But if I understand you correctly you're offering to do the development yourself, in which case I'm happy to merge your code into our ucquestiontypes repo on github, though that's not part of CodeRunner nor intended as any sort of standard. It's just supplementary stuff we make available.

I like the idea of embedding the distractor and selector specifications in comments. Your syntax of selectors looks nice but would have the disadvantage that, at least with the current implementation, the sample answer wouldn't validate on save. It would probably be better to use a syntax that doesn't damage the validity of the sample answer. Perhaps something like

if i == 2: # 2 => SELECT FROM [-1, 0, 1, 2]

This could create ambiguities so could perhaps be generalised so the text between the # and the => is a regular expression to be applied to the text to the left of the '#'? Or maybe just try the simple version first and see if ambiguities are a problem.

I like double click/tap to grey out elements. And insert a '#' in front, too, perhaps? Like code editors that offer a comment/uncomment option on a block of text.

Good luck with the implementation.