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Re: Feedback only of Precheck

by Hongchuan Liu -
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I have updated Coderunner successfully as shown in the attachment.

Usually, when students do exercises, quiz's Question behaviour is set to immediate feedback, when students take exams,  quiz's Question behaviour is set to deferrred feedback.

The problems is:

1.I have hundreds of Coderunner question, I have to check and uncheck "Hide check" button one by one alternately for excercises or exams. 

2.If some class do exercises and others take exams by using the same questions, What should I do?

3.You can only update the answer status of coderunner questions by clicking the check button. Unlike other questions, answer status will be upgrated after you click the next page button as shown in the attachment.

Attachment 1.png
Attachment 2.png
Attachment 3.png