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Announcing CodeRunner V4.0.0

Announcing CodeRunner V4.0.0

by Richard Lobb -
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I'm pleased to announce that I have just pushed CodeRunner V4.0.0 to github. Changes since V3.7.9+ (October 2020):

  • Add a template parameter preprocessing capability that allows uses of languages other than Twig for generating the JSON template parameter set. [Experimental feature. Has potential to overload Jobe server at the start of tests and exams if misused.]
  • Separate UI-plugin parameters from template parameters and provide an improved UI that lists all available UI parameters and their meanings for the currently selected UI.
  • Update Twig to the latest version (3.1).
  • Add QUESTION.stepinfo to the Twig environment. This is a record with attributes
    preferredbehaviour, numchecks, numprechecks and fraction allowing authors
    to provide more elaborate feedback according to quiz mode and previous submissions.
  • Add a macro ___textareaId___ to the HTML-UI that gets replaced by the id of the textarea element that the HTML-UI is operating on.
  • Add special __twigprefix__ template parameter that, if defined in a question’s prototype, provides content (e.g. Twig macros) that is inserted at the start of all Twig-expanded question fields.
  • Reduce unnecessary calls to the Jobe server to get its list of supported languages when there is only one sandbox available (the usual case nowadays).
  • Bug fix: nodejs programs in ESM style were breaking. So change filename extension  to .js
  • Bug fix: Ace plugin was generating duplicate (and wrong) ids when multiple ace editors were present in a form.
  • Bug fix: Ace editor was not being initialised to the correct language with multilanguage questions for which a default language was specified.
  • Bug fix: some non-inherited fields were being mistakenly loaded from the prototype when changing question type via Ajax.
  • Bug fix: %h formats for columns were being ignored in the “For example” table.
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Re: Announcing CodeRunner V4.0.0

by Hongchuan Liu -
A template parameter preprocessing capability is a function I've always wanted.