Learning Analytic Log

Learning Analytic Log

by Piriya Utamachant -
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Hi, I have another question. 

I'm working on learning analytic research. Could you please suggest reading resources on CodeRunner's log ? 

I would like to know student's behavior inside CodeRunner questions e.g. when student press check what is the code and what is the testcase result. 

Thank you very much

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Re: Learning Analytic Log

by Richard Lobb -

CodeRunner doesn't have any logs of its own. But there is a script downloadquizattempts.php, documented here, that lets you download the contents of the question_attempt_steps database table, which contains the student action (check/precheck), the code submitted and the resulting response/grade. You'll probably find the quizsubmissions.py Python program useful (if you know Python) for analysing the download results.

-- Richard