Large test data / "support files" field

Large test data / "support files" field

by Fatih Gelgi -
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We have many coding questions that have large test data that's why we use "support files" field with a custom prototype. The test data is a zip file that contains multiple input / output files. When I upload the zip file, it works however when I add it from our repository creating an alias / shortcut, coderunner doesn't pass it to sandbox as far as I see. Using an alias from repository is very convenient in question bank since we don't want to blow up moodledata with large files and their duplicates.

Any ideas how to pass alias of "support files" in a question to sandbox?


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Re: Large test data / "support files" field

by Matthew Toohey -

Hi Fatih

I did some testing and found that when you attempt to alias/link from a 'File System' repository you seem to get an empty file of the same name in sandbox. However, if you link/alias files from "server files" (i.e files that have been uploaded to the course page somewhere) it works fine. If you only need these test zip files on a per course basis I believe you could upload your support zip file somewhere on the course page (hidden from students) and then link/alias it in the support files.

I agree it would be it would be better if it worked from a 'File System' repository. Especially if you wish to share the files across multiple course. I may try to look into why this does not work currently at some stage.


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Re: Large test data / "support files" field

by Fatih Gelgi -

Thanks for taking time.

Unfortunately we have a question bank with questions used in multiple courses.

I'll check for more options and post the updates if I can come up with some ways.