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Debugging the template

Re: Debugging the template

by Carroll Morgan -
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Hi Richard: I have heard back from our IT. Thank you for your analysis! Summarising:

UNSW's Moodle is hosted by OpenLMS, and so patching it would
mean fitting in with their schedule and procedures for
Moodle updates. In particular, from September to December
there is a code freeze on Moodle for the yearly upgrade,
where they test and fix any issues that come up in the
version they upgrade to. This year the upgrading is to Moodle
3.11 which should be done on December 16.

An estimate for the earliest change to Moodle that could be
made (ie a change to CodeRunner within it) is next February.
However our IT will see whether in the meantime we can get
into a test environment still running Moodle 3.9. They will
let me know how that proposal goes, and I will get back to