Firefly VLE

Firefly VLE

by Paul Scullion -
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We use the firefly VLE rather than Moodle. Can Code Runner be modified in any way to operate with firefly either programmatically, or a able to run independently to be be to operated through firefly even if it is not specially hosted by firefly?

I have approached firefly and they backed off because they didn't want the sandpit running on their servers, but my understanding is that it doesn't.

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Re: Firefly VLE

by Tim Hunt -
One way to handle this is using the LTI standard (assuming Firefly supports that, which is really ought it).

This does require you to set up Moodle with CodeRunner, and the sandbox, etc. and to create your quizzes there.

However, then you can set up that Moodle site as an LTI tool provider (instructions on), and then you can add those CodeRunner quizzes to Firefly or any other VLE which supports the standard, and the experience for students is seamless.

I am not aware of anyone doing that with CodeRunner, but I do know people using that approach to run the STACK question type for Maths.