Java Spring and Springboot

Java Spring and Springboot

by Dominique YOLIN -
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I'd like to create a test on the frameworks spring and springboot, but I can't find how to prepare the testing environment.

Usually to create such an application, one has to add in the pom.xml some dependencies information and let maven do the work of pulling and downloading .jar thirdparties, then use maven commands to build/start the application. 

How can that be done in coderunner? Do I need to create a new template? Do I need to prepare something specific on the server side? Is it in the moodle folder that something has to be done? Can it be done??

Thank you for all the help you can get me




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Re: Java Spring and Springboot

by Richard Lobb -
This certainly isn't something you can do out of the box. It's possible to do just about anything with sufficient effort and ingenuity, but this is a challenging problem. You would first need to install the framework(s) on Jobe, which is the sandbox server that runs jobs. You would then have to open ports in the Jobe firewall to allow access to any third party jars required during runs (unless you can download everything you need in advance). Then you would have to write your own question type (probably in Python) to script the build and run process and capture the output before returning it to Moodle.

The simple answer to your question is probably "No, it can't be done unless you're an advanced user of CodeRunner with a good knowledge of Linux + Java systems administration and direct access to the Jobe server".
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Re: Java Spring and Springboot

by Dominique YOLIN -
Thanks a lot for your feedback
That was the conclusion that I came to, thank you for confirming I was on the right track.
Well I'm not against a good challenge, eventhough I'm not an expert on any of the requirement, I think I'll still try to tackle the problem to see what I can do :)
I'll keep you posted if I find anything useful