How to add functionality to "Check" button

How to add functionality to "Check" button

by Leonardo Mogianesi -
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Hi all, I'm new to moodle and I'm using coderunner to make tests in java.
However I would like to implement an additional functionality in the "Check" button which is right under the answer the user gives.
For now a simple console.log() would be enough, only that in the plugin files I'm not finding the "Check" button.
I looked in the moodle/mod/quiz folder and in the moodle/question/type folder but nothing.
How can I do?

I attach the image of the check, so as to explain myself better.


Check button

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Re: How to add functionality to "Check" button

by Richard Lobb -
The button is displayed by the submit_button function in question/behaviour/renderbase.php. But it's usually a really bad idea to hack at the Moodle source code.