where to find sandpit?

where to find sandpit?

by Thomas Goerttler -
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Dear all,

here, I found a nice example of sandpit.
However, where can I find it?
is it a special prototpye, which has to be installed by the moodle admins?
Or can I get the xml file by myself to create the prototype.

On https://github.com/search?q=repo%3Atrampgeek%2Fmoodle-qtype_coderunner%20sandpit&type=code the word sandpit is only found in the changehistory.md


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Re: where to find sandpit?

by Richard Lobb -
Thanks for the heads up on this Thomas. It seems we lost the link to the prototype when rebuilding the site for Moodle 4. The page showing that question type has now been updated to include a link to the question type.