Newline in response history

Newline in response history

by Mark Stern -
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After a student attempts a coderunner question, the attempt is recorded in Response History, which can be reviewed by teachers. However the attempt does not seem to include new lines. For most programming languages, this probably does not matter, but it is significant for Python. Can this be improved? Is there a setting we can use use to record or see the new lines?


Mark Stern

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Re: Newline in response history

by Michael Fairbank -

This is (possibly) a known bug in Moodle (not coderunner).  That bug is reported here, but progress on fixing it appears stalled unfortunately.


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Re: Newline in response history

by Richard Lobb -
Yes, as Michael says, this is a bug deep in the Moodle core, so difficult to work around. As Tim Hunt has commented, regarding the offending MDL72058: "This was a terrible, mis-conceived idea. [...] I think it needs to be reverted".  I had hoped for a fix by now.

There is a script in CodeRunner  (navigate to <moodlehome>/question/type/coderunner/downloadquizattempts.php) to download all actions by all students on a given quiz in a raw database CSV dump. This script is also affected by the bug, but the master branch on github includes a workaround for it. There's also a script to help deal with the  complex download you get.

The updated CodeRunner version (5.2.4) is not yet in the Moodle plugin repository. [We like to exercise new versions for several weeks on our production servers before updating the main repository and it's too quiet around our University at present to provide useful testing.] But you might be able to persuade your sysadmins to at very least pull the updated file getallattempts.php. It's used only by the downloadquizattempts script.