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by Richard Lobb -
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Yes, as Michael says, this is a bug deep in the Moodle core, so difficult to work around. As Tim Hunt has commented, regarding the offending MDL72058: "This was a terrible, mis-conceived idea. [...] I think it needs to be reverted".  I had hoped for a fix by now.

There is a script in CodeRunner  (navigate to <moodlehome>/question/type/coderunner/downloadquizattempts.php) to download all actions by all students on a given quiz in a raw database CSV dump. This script is also affected by the bug, but the master branch on github includes a workaround for it. There's also a script to help deal with the  complex download you get.

The updated CodeRunner version (5.2.4) is not yet in the Moodle plugin repository. [We like to exercise new versions for several weeks on our production servers before updating the main repository and it's too quiet around our University at present to provide useful testing.] But you might be able to persuade your sysadmins to at very least pull the updated file getallattempts.php. It's used only by the downloadquizattempts script.