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by Richard Lobb -
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I've never been convinced there was a good reason to use https to Jobe - it just adds to the overhead. There's nothing very vital travelling on the connection and if your Jobe server is properly firewalled the risks are minimal. Jobe is not a webserver in the normal sense, so most of the so-called security risks with port 80 don't apply.

However, if you insist: you need a reverse proxy between the Moodle server and Jobe. The easiest way to achieve this is perhaps to use a JobeInABox Docker container on your Jobe server, running on some port like 5000. Then, assuming the Jobe host server also runs Apache, enable the site `000-default-le-ssl.conf` and edit the VirtualHost entry to include lines like

    # Proxy configuration for /jobe ...
    ProxyPass "/jobe" "http://localhost:5000/jobe"
    ProxyPassReverse "/jobe" "http://localhost:5000/jobe"

Then, enable mod proxy, mod_proxy_http and mod_ssl with the commands

    sudo a2enmod proxy
    sudo a2enmod proxy_http
    sudo a2enmod ssl

and restart Apache.

You then need to prefix the Jobe host name in the CodeRunner settings with https://