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CodeRunner Version 3.0.0 now available

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CodeRunner Version 3.0.0 now available
by Richard Lobb - Wednesday, 10 February 2016, 12:44 PM

Hi all

CodeRunner version 3.0.0 is now available. The code in this version has been restructured to Moodle standards. The question behaviour (adaptive_adapted_for_coderunner) has now been pulled out into a separate repository and the main repository, now renamed to moodle-qtype_coderunner, contains only the question type code. Installation is now done by typing two git clone commands. Please read the documentation carefully before upgrading from an earlier version. Note in particular that you cannot directly upgrade a CodeRunner version prior to 2.4.0 - you must first upgrade to the most recent version 2 release (which you can do by checking out the V2 branch from the repository).

The major version number has been changed from 2 to 3 because of the restructuring and deleted functionality.

New functionality since V2.4.2

  1. The CodeRunner question authoring form now includes a Question type details section which, when expanded, displays the question text from the prototype. When creating new question types (i.e. prototypes) you should make sure the question text documents the behaviour of your question type including any template parameters. For example:

    Screen dump of python3_pylint Question type details

  2. When using the per-test-template grader, it is now possible to abort not just the current test case but all following ones by use of an abort field in the output JSON. This can be useful if, say, your grading code discovers in the very first test case that the student submission is invalid in some way. Previously you had to generate a runtime error which resulted in potentially confusing output.

  3. You can now display a Show Differences button to the student if their code fails any of the tests. When the button is clicked a diff algorithm is used to find and highlight differences between the expected and actual output. This is primarily useful in questions with complex output where it can be hard for students to spot minor spacing, spelling or punctuation errors as in the example below. This feature is experimental and is turned off by default. It can be enabled via CodeRunner's Plugin Settings form. If enabled it will be used by default for all questions using an Exact Match grader.

    Highlighting an error in whitespace.

Deleted functionality

  1. The Runguard and Liu sandboxes have been deleted. Only the Jobe sandbox is currently supported.
  2. Upgrading of the question database for CodeRunner versions prior to 2.4.0 is no longer supported.