Free Jobe server

Free Jobe server

by Jean-Nicolas Gautier -
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Hi everyone,

I'm a computer science teacher in a small belgian school. I teach the basis of python to a group a 20 students from january to june.
I can't afford a dedicated server on which running a jobe server.
Is there a possibility to get free access to an existing server other than ?

Thanks in advance,

JN Gautier

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Re: Free Jobe server

by Richard Lobb -

I think Levi Osborne's approach is probably your best option, but read on ...

In the past we (the University of Canterbury) have been reluctant to offer a free Jobe service because of the steadily growing use of CodeRunner and associated costs in supporting and managing such a service. However, we might be prepared to support low-volume users such as yourself if:

  1. You appreciate that there are no guarantees of quality of service.
  2. You appreciate that the service might cease in the future.
  3. You will accept that the service is limited to a certain maximum number of submissions per hour. If that limited is exceeded, further submissions will generate an error message until the start of the next hour.
  4. You undertake to ensure that the version 3.7.6 or later of CodeRunner is installed on your Moodle server as soon as it becomes available. This will display a small-font message like "Run on University of Canterbury's Jobe server." below the result table on all runs.

I am not sure what number might be appropriate for (3) above and would be interested to hear from you what you think you might want. Note that running CodeRunner-based tests and exams is unlikely to be feasible with any such limit, even with classes as small as 20 students.

If you are interested in pursuing this option, please email me ( directly, including a value for (3) above that you think might be sufficient for your needs. I will then discuss with our IT staff whether we can accommodate your needs. If so we will give you your own personal API key on our jobe2 service, which will be throttled to the submission rate you nominate.

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Re: Free Jobe server

by Richard Lobb -
Sorry, but we're no longer offering the option of free Jobe server access - it was proving too difficult to manage. Please set up your own jobe server as suggested by Levi's posting above.

However, we will very shortly be updating the default jobe server,, to use a per-IP throttle, rather than a global throttle, so individual users cannot bring down the service for everyone. The pre-IP rate will be manually altered over time according to demand, but will start off at around 200 submissions per hour - higher rates may be set if demand is low, or lower if demand is high. This may be a sufficient rate for low-volume users.