New Installation of Moodle

New Installation of Moodle

von Giuseppe Sportelli -
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I migrate my moodle to another web space

and a install a new versione 4.2.1.

I had a droplets on digital ocean where

jobe server respond to my url

I see json output.

Now i configure on my moodle the host of jobe server in coderunner.

But when i try to submit a trial question i receive


"An unexpected "error occurred. The sandbox may be down. Try again shortly"
Can i help me ?
Thank you.
Ps i add uft allow from "my moodle ip"
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Re: New Installation of Moodle

von Richard Lobb -
Does your new Moodle server + CodeRunner work ok with the default Jobe server (

There are lots of possible explanations. The first thing to try is to download the program from Jobe to your Moodle server and to run it from there. Use --help to find out the options, then use --host to check out your Jobe server.