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how do get question specific code installed and usable from a grading template 4 Jim Newton
How to debug a template 7 Jim Newton
CodeRunner 3.7.5 released 0 Richard Lobb
Queuing up long running questions 2 Nitin Chandrachoodan
how to control file extension of attachments 0 Jim Newton
Time Limit for each problem 2 Pierre FACON
running code that is NOT student code 4 Jim Newton
running non-python tests 4 Jim Newton
Students provide input, code-base is hidden 1 Richard Lobb
javascript - window.prompt alternative 13 Rui Figueiredo
Exporting CodeRunner questions to a Word document 2 Ann Cameron
downloading python3demoquestions.xml 2 Murugan m
Test Column in Feedback 1 Richard Lobb
Arduino and CodeRunner 7 Richard Lobb
Use CodeRunner only to check for syntaxerrors without testcase validation 1 Richard Lobb
Template Grader 1 Richard Lobb
Regex for analysing student code 2 Pierre FACON
setting question in python 3 2 Murugan m
General Feedback does not appear 3 Tim Hunt
SimpleGUI for CodeRunner 1 Richard Lobb
Check for a particular command in a students response. 3 Richard Lobb
Java compiler chokes on List.of 1 Peter Sander
Prototypes messed up 0 Stefan Mueller
Pre-processing available? 5 Stefan Mueller
Recent CodeRunner enhancements 0 Richard Lobb
Testing questions that use random in Python3 3 Ian Currie
java questions + checkstyle 2 Karl Engelbogen
Troubles with having R as a question type 2 Aneesh Gangadhar
error:Call to a member function get_files() on string 1 Richard Lobb
CodeRunner as an inline compiler ? 11 Pierre FACON
bug?: Moodle 3.7 + Coderunner plugin 3.6.1 7 Georg Damm
Error on SQL-Questions: No such file or directory: 'sqlite3' 2 Rea Sutter
Test results are missing 2 Ljubisa Punosevac
How to use CodeRunner tests inside lessons ? 1 Richard Lobb
Testing student written JUnit classes, a working custom question prototype 0 Jack Steel
csrf protection with moodle 4 agathe hubert
Error output for matlab/octave question type 6 Yusri Yusup
Float point comparison in c_program 1 Richard Lobb
Matlab 22 David Forehand
C# validation question template 1 Richard Lobb
C program with math.h 11 Richard Lobb
Visual Basic with Mono and Jobe 1 Richard Lobb
Expected solution computed with a call to teacher function 1 Richard Lobb
For Loops with Arduino 3 Richard Lobb
How to hide\avoid the status of "Summary of attempt" 3 Biju Augustian
Adding the Pascal programming language to the question 1 Richard Lobb
python3 answers max 50 statements?? 8 Richard Lobb
File i/o in python3 questions 5 Richard Lobb
simple Graph or SQL type gives "Sandbox Down" error 2 Jan Derriks
java_method testcases? 2 Arpad Magosanyi
Problems during installation the Jobe server 3 Mikhail Voloboy
How to assess a Python program that accepts command line arguments 3 Richard Lobb
Remove the warning "Ace editor not ready" 3 Richard Lobb
Junit Test with CodeRunner 3 Richard Lobb
CodeRunner V3.3.0 released 14 Rea Sutter
Julia via Python 9 Richard Lobb
Programming statistics in R 12 Richard Lobb
custom checking C/C++ program student answer 4 Miguel López
Jobe security question 2 Tim Hunt
Jobe update 2 Richard Lobb
question and datetime module. grading? 2 Wilfried Baumann
Announcing CodeRunner v3.6.0 0 Richard Lobb
Richard's Blog 0 Richard Lobb
Precheck on 3.1+ - still confused! 8 Richard Lobb
qtype_coderunner/Multiple prototypes found for octave_function 2 Shane Banks
Prototype Load Failure 2 Daniyal Ahmad Rizaldhi
CodeRunner for Moodle 3.6.2 1 Richard Lobb
Coderunner with Julia language 1 Richard Lobb
Checking student answers vs solution output, for randomization 6 Jenny Harlow
problem with the check program like filling the array with random numbers 1 Richard Lobb
Running C# in CodeRunner 13 Martin Zwerschke
Disable Paste 2 Richard Lobb
On "Specific Feedback" 5 Richard Lobb
Error from the sandbox [jobesandbox]: 3 Richard Lobb
Simple NodeJS Example 1 Richard Lobb
Type of output - Python 5 Yess U
Writing Java_program test case 4 Shankar Jha
Adding Prolog in Coderunner 3 Richard Lobb
how to run a simple script (not function) 1 Richard Lobb
Java questions 3 Utpal Das
Bulk test output 1 Richard Lobb
Editor Issue 6 Richard Lobb
Version 3.5.0 Released 0 Richard Lobb
upgrade from 1.5 beta 5 Richard Lobb
Question with a random variable 9 C Daly
Answer with php code : can I bypass the mandatory php tags? 2 Richard Lobb
Test for closing of files 0 Frieder Loch
File upload/submission question type 12 Richard Lobb
"Bad result object {}" 6 Paul Martin
Issues with newlines in feedback 3 Richard Lobb
Plugin doesn't connect to jobe server 12 Wilfried Baumann
Let students pass their own command line arguments 2 Frieder Loch
Problem with special chars(ñ) in Python of SQL Questions 6 Richard Lobb
Object-oriented code-runner in Octave? 12 Angus Wallace
Announcing CodeRunner V3.4.0 4 Richard Lobb
text-match submissions 3 Angus Wallace
Random tests 6 Richard Lobb
Testing for 4 possible outputs? 2 Richard Lobb
How to make java program question run once for multiple test cases with standard inputs 3 Richard Lobb
Question batch import into the question bank 1 Richard Lobb