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A forum for users to request help on writing CodeRunner questions or to exchange ideas for new question types.

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support Chinese characters? 7 Richard Lobb
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Editor Issue 9 Marcos Vinicius Lima
Graph UI documentation 5 Andreas Siebel
Getting error while testing in moodle 1 Richard Lobb
Java Array concept 0 Aravind Aravind
Java Question Error in Boolen Function 2 Aravind Aravind
VHDL questions prototype 0 Clément Leboulenger
CodeRunner question type not available 7 Richard Lobb
HTML / CSS Check 0 Andreas Siebel
Add a new language 2 Tatyana Berlenko
Coderunner on Docker fails to perform 4 Richard Lobb
Python Turtle Drawing 4 Jin Hong
Jobe hardware configuration question 1 Jin Hong
Plugin availability per category/course/role 3 Richard Lobb
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Students directly output answers 2 yang ningyu
Where to put variables for a simple one-liner-test in Python? 4 Christian Kruggel
Limit or disable Check button 4 yang ningyu
PHP Question Error 9 Utpal Das
How to uninstall coderunner? Got stuck. 4 Uwe Wennmann
Prototype Load Failure 3 Israel Acuña
CodeRunner V3.3.0 released 16 Richard Lobb
pre-check without hints on question score / control theory questions 1 Richard Lobb
How to manage ENTER key in JAVA 2 Mi Po
Randow values fot question in Python ? 1 Richard Lobb
Examples of Python in SCORM 0 Alex Kirkbride
Syntax highlighting only for C and CPP questions problem 2 Adnan Delic
Graph UI problem 8 Jan Derriks
Template 1 Richard Lobb
Adding the Pascal programming language to the question 2 Andrew Rogov
Using CodeRunner to Practice Python 3 1 Richard Lobb
Test JavaFX ? 1 Richard Lobb
Using CodeRunner on Crossknowledge LMS ? 2 Pierre FACON
File import or access in the same quiz 1 Richard Lobb
Latest attempt parameter 2 Cosmin Sabo
Python unittest 7 Peter Sander
File upload/submission question type 13 Jim Newton
LaTeX and Coderunner? 1 Richard Lobb
Problem in SQL Type Question 4 Richard Lobb
SQL question type help 8 Richard Lobb
Analyzing source code 2 Ian Warren
No 'got' column for println 2 Anton Dil
Importing non-standard python modules 4 Ian Warren
Exercice : Adding a method to a class 3 evan bung
vcpg with VScode and CodeRunner 1 Richard Lobb
Error during check cases 3 Richard Lobb
Editing code on iPad 1 Richard Lobb
Free Jobe server 2 Richard Lobb
Test for Creation & Use of Variable 1 Richard Lobb
Time Limit for each problem 3 Levi Osborne
Programming Language for Template params 1 Michael Backus
Dealing with exception and error code 6 gabriel illouz
Logging runs 10 Richard Lobb
Problem with Python dictionaries 1 Richard Lobb
Things one can mess up (beginners 101) 2 Stefan Mueller
Students provide input, code-base is hidden 2 Oli Howson
How to prepare test case for USACO problems 3 Richard Lobb
Java Problem How to prepare a test case with file input? 1 Richard Lobb
How to debug a template 8 Jenny Harlow
how do get question specific code installed and usable from a grading template 4 Jim Newton
CodeRunner 3.7.5 released 0 Richard Lobb
Queuing up long running questions 2 Nitin Chandrachoodan
how to control file extension of attachments 0 Jim Newton
running code that is NOT student code 4 Jim Newton
running non-python tests 4 Jim Newton
javascript - window.prompt alternative 13 Rui Figueiredo
Exporting CodeRunner questions to a Word document 2 Ann Cameron
downloading python3demoquestions.xml 2 Murugan m
Test Column in Feedback 1 Richard Lobb
Use CodeRunner only to check for syntaxerrors without testcase validation 1 Richard Lobb
Template Grader 1 Richard Lobb
Regex for analysing student code 2 Pierre FACON
setting question in python 3 2 Murugan m
General Feedback does not appear 3 Tim Hunt
SimpleGUI for CodeRunner 1 Richard Lobb
Check for a particular command in a students response. 3 Richard Lobb
Java compiler chokes on List.of 1 Peter Sander
Prototypes messed up 0 Stefan Mueller
Pre-processing available? 5 Stefan Mueller
Recent CodeRunner enhancements 0 Richard Lobb
Testing questions that use random in Python3 3 Ian Currie
java questions + checkstyle 2 Karl Engelbogen
Troubles with having R as a question type 2 Aneesh Gangadhar
error:Call to a member function get_files() on string 1 Richard Lobb
CodeRunner as an inline compiler ? 11 Pierre FACON